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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

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Reflection of Pemaquid

It’s difficult to estimate the exact date that someone noticed it. But imagine a person standing on the rocks at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse during low tide. And there, in one of the many little tidal pools that develop as the tide goes out, is the perfect reflection of the lighthouse. It’s almost magical, like so many random things in nature. It’s a unique occurrence that is a photo opportunity if there ever was one.

Maybe it’s nature’s way of saying Pemaquid Point is a place to quietly reflect, look out over the vastness of the ocean, and breathe in that fresh Atlantic sea air.

Thousands of visitors come to Bristol every year to Pemaquid Point, to see the tidal pool reflection. The lighthouse itself dates back to 1827, when John Quincy Adams commissioned this now iconic Maine lighthouse.

Pemaquid Point is also home to the Fisherman’s Museum, which resides on the first floor in the Keepers House. It contains artifacts of local maritime history, as well as items from the lighthouse itself. If heights aren’t your thing and you prefer not to climb the tower, there is a second Fresnel lens in the museum. If you really want to get acquainted with what lighthouse life is really like, you can rent the apartment on the second floor.

Finding Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park is simple; it’s located at the entrance to Muscongus Bay and Johns Bay, in the town of Bristol, which purchased the park property from the Coast Guard in 1940 (with the exception of the light tower). Managed by the Bristol Parks Commission, it is the lighthouse on the Maine State Quarter, making it the first lighthouse to be featured on a piece of US currency. Frequently a choice for destination weddings, the rocky cliffs, crashing waves and beautiful grounds are worth the trip down the peninsula.

There is a $2.00/person admission fee. Included in the fee is access to the Fisherman's Museum in the Keeper's House, the Pemaquid Art Gallery, the Learning Center, picnic areas and rest rooms. The Light Tower is an active tower and owned by the US Coast Guard. It is managed by the Friends of Pemaquid Point Light. Entrance to the tower is included in your admission at no additional cost. It is open, weather permitting.

Tickets are good for the full day of your visit. You may leave the park, return at a later time the same day using the ticket issued at the Gate House for re-admission. Group rates are available for tour buses and school group. Contact the park to make advance reservations.

Photos and in depth descriptions are available on Facebook along with upcoming events at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park throughout the season.

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