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Site Accessibility

This website endeavors to be accessible to all users. To this end, it adheres closely to modern web standards and accessibility guidelines:

This practice of staying abrest of developing technologies allows for a more consistent user experience, enhances accessibility for users with disabilities, and enables richer features to be offered to users.

However, it means that older browsers may have problems with the site. Thus, if you are having problems, your first step to correct them should be to to upgrade your browser. This site displays completely and correctly in the newest versions of these browsers:

Windows: Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer FirefoxFirefox OperaOpera

Mac OS X: SafariSafari FirefoxFirefox OperaOpera
Linux: FirefoxFirefox

This site does not render correctly on some older browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 for Macintosh. Microsoft has discontinued support of this browser, and encourages users to upgrade to Safari.

The diverse behavior of browsing software and the evolving nature of the web itself make the goal of universal accessibility a moving target. If you are using a modern browser but still experience difficulty accessing the site—for instance, because you are a user with disabilities using a non-visual user agent—please contact us and tell us what we can do to improve your experience.


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