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Introduce Yourself To Maine With a Hike

To hike in Maine is to introduce yourself to our state, one step at a time. You breathe in the salt as you round a corner in Acadia National Park, or hoist yourself up a steep pitch on a mountain in western Maine. Everything is slow, deliberate and linked with the land.

In State & National Parks

There are great hikes throughout Maine, on federal lands like Acadia, in state parks such as Mt. Blue and along the East Coast’s longest walk, the Appalachian Trail.

Baxter State Park

With 215 miles of hiking trails and Maine’s tallest mountain (Katahdin), there is stunning foliage to witness in this wild wonderland. A choose-your-adventure-type place, there are options for easy day hikes in addition to the more adventurous route of summiting Katahdin.

Camden Hills State Park

Sweeping views at this park atop Mt. Battie are made even more spectacular with the rich colors of fall foliage.

Acadia National Park

Numerous summits, easy day hikes and craggy coastlines make Maine’s “crown jewel of the North Atlantic coast” a gorgeous place to witness foliage on a hike.

For Kids

Kids love hiking, and Maine has plenty of paths perfect for them. Some are strolls, and others are as tough and demanding as anything their parents might enjoy.

In the Mountains

Hiking Maine mountains adds an extra dimension. Katahdin is Maine’s tallest peak — and one of the hardest. But the state has plenty of others that are fun and easier on the feet and nerves. For an even greater challenge, try Maine’s many rock-climbing routes, which range from granite walls over the Atlantic to hidden granite stashes elsewhere in the state.

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument provides over 87,000 acres of mountain and forestland for the serious hiker.

On a Trail

Maine Trail Finder provides a detailed list of Maine Hikes and hiking trails.

Look Out for ME Hiking & Climbing Tips

  • Hike and climb with a friend
  • Stay on established trails and roads

For more info on how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, visit our Look Out for ME page.

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