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Boarding houses and hostels in Maine offer guests an affordable and communal accommodation option that leaves more time and vacation funds for exploring everything Maine has to offer. By staying at one of our hostels or boarding houses, you’ll be able to connect with Mainers and receive custom travel suggestions tailored to your interests.

Stay at the Deer Isle Hostel where eco-friendly living is celebrated through nightly communal dinners cooked from their organic garden’s harvest, easy access to the ocean and nearby nature preserve, hand-pumped water and an entirely solar powered timber frame house.

Some small-scale hostels like Pine Ellis Lodging offer their guests the ability to rent out the entire house, creating the perfect accommodation for family reunions or get-togethers. Cook a traditional Maine breakfast in their kitchen, take the hikers shuttle to your favorite destination, and know that you’ll always have a room to come home to after a day of skiing.

Maine hostel and boarding house owners take pride in their properties and offer their guests a taste of authentic Maine hospitality that will make your stay in Maine all the more memorable.

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