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Cottage resorts are classic lodgings, some of which have been serving Maine customers for generations.

Maine’s cottage resorts, once called ‘cottage colonies,’ have small cottages grouped together near the shore, in the woods or by a roadside. Such ‘colonies’ have dotted the American scene since the dawn of the automobile. They give travelers small, neat individual dwellings and a bit of privacy while still providing the services folks expect of a hotel. Cottage resorts differ in location and amenities. Some are spare; others are lavish, offering extras like adjacent beaches, boating and hiking. Some have a hotel, motel or lodge amidst the cottages. Many have been in business for decades, drawing the same travelers back year after year.

Many of Maine’s classic cottage resorts were built on Maine’s seacoast. The Dunes on the Waterfront, in Ogunquit, opened its first cottages in 1936. They’re tucked into landscaped grounds right off the water.

The Oakland House Inn in Brooksville was established in 1889. Its cottages stud the nearby shore and forest.

Inland cottage resorts feature either traditional cottages or gatherings of rustic cabins. Consider Migis Lodge, with a main lodge and 31 cottages set amid 100 acres of forest along the shore of Sebago Lake.

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