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Public Boat Launches and Town Landings

Boating in Maine — from yachts to Sunfish, on lakes or the sea — is a truly quintessential New England experience. And the places you dock your boat or launch it are often cherished community gathering places — where you hear where the fish are biting or chat about the weather as you refuel.

There are hundreds of public boat launches throughout the state and the Maine Bureau of Parks and Land has a complete list of hand-carry, trailer-ramp or landing facilities, and offers a map to show you how to find them.

Town landings, oftentimes the heart of a seaside community, can be very basic or offer everything a sailor or yachtsman might need — a cozy mooring for the night, a warm meal, and even a hot shower. There are dozens along the coastline and with some planning you can find the perfect harbor to stop for the day.

Look Out for ME Boating Tips

  • Ensure everyone in your party wears a PFD
  • Be weather wise & dress appropriately
  • Research your destination & comply with any policies in place
  • Pack any garbage & waste out with you
  • Always recreate within your personal limits
  • Bring a basic first aid kit & travel with a friend
  • Bring a waterproof map & compass
  • Ensure everyone in your party wears a PFD – properly
  • Research your destination & comply with any policies in place
  • Don’t be a party pooper – defecate respectfully away from bodies of water and use a pump facility rather than dumping sewage overboard
  • At boat launches, be aware of those around you and be courteous. Launch your boat and park your vehicle so others can also launch
  • When using bait to fish, do not introduce invasive species. Buy local!
  • Know and comply with state and federal drone laws to avoid unnecessary harm to airborne wildlife
  • When fueling, take care not to spill into the water

For more info on how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, visit our Look Out for ME page.

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