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10 Signs You’re a Fishing Family

Lobster Couple Herman & Monique Coombs

Herman and Monique Coombs and their two children live on Orr’s Island, living the exciting life of the lobster family. Herman is a lifelong lobsterman, tending to his 800 homemade traps in just about every weather condition. Together, they make a powerhouse team, dedicated to life on the coast. They are Mainers to the core.

  1. There are traps in your dooryard.

  2. The boat is part of your family.

  3. Everyone has oil gear.

  4. Many of the gifts you receive have a lobster or fish or some kind of sea creature on it.

  5. You have the obligatory baby-passed-out-on-the-boat picture.

  6. When someone asks you to make plans your response is “depends on the weather.”

  7. You always know what the weather is — in fact, often better than the weather people.

  8. You’ve grown accustomed to the smell of bait — and even begin to find it comforting.

  9. You get your news from the wharf.

  10. Everyone in your family has worked on the boat at least once.

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