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Maine’s Most Instagramable Attractions

The World Traveler Signpost of Lynchville

Upon arriving at the junction where Route 5 joins Route 35 in the Western Mountains, you’ll come across a signpost directing you to places like China and Mexico, and that they are all, surprisingly, not that far away. The sign is alternately referred to as "Maine’s Famous Signpost," "the World Traveler Signpost" and "the World Places Sign," and it does point you in the direction of several world places—just not the places you’re thinking of. China, Mexico and Paris—along with Denmark, Norway, Peru and Sweden—are the names of Maine towns. The quirky sign is perfect for a selfie backdrop.

The Spooky Gate in front of Stephen King’s Former Home – Bangor

Famed author Stephen King’s former home (now the location of the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation) is an elaborate Victorian mansion and the wrought-iron gate is adorned with bats and spiders, befitting the entry to where such horror stories as The Shining, Pet Sematary and It were written. Snap a quick photo before you get the creeps.

A Very Large Lumberjack Statue – Bangor

At 519 Main Steet, you’ll find Paul Bunyan: Bangor native, famed lumberjack. All 31 feet of him resides in front of the Cross Insurance Center.

Wild Blueberry Land

Want to take your picture with a huge wild blueberry? You can! Kinda. A large blue dome and nearby big berry sculpture are the perfect backdrop for you and your love of Maine’s favorite wild berry at The Wild Blueberry Heritage Center – home of Wild Blueberry Land in Columbia Falls.

Head to the Desert - Freeport

The Desert of Maine is as odd as it sounds. A tiny desert is tucked away in Freeport and you can grab a selfie with a camel (not real) in the (very) real desert.

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