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Artist, writer and teacher, Jennifer Neptune lives on Indian Island, as her ancestors have for 7,000 years. With every generation, the Penobscot Nation handcrafted art that reflects the shapes, forms and elements of Maine’s natural world. Through Jennifer’s inspired work, the tradition is in exquisite hands.

With specialties in ash and sweetgrass basketry, beadwork, and porcupine quill jewelry, Jennifer Neptune’s work has been recognized with national awards. More importantly, for Jennifer, is to recognize the interweaving of the cultures of her Penobscot ancestors and the generations to come.

See Jennifer’s story and experience the timeless beauty of her work.

The “double curve” is an ancient design often seen in Jennifer Neptune’s artwork. It’s inspired by designs found in nature, where one side of an object is a mirror reflection of the other. A double curve is a reminder to keep balance in life. Combinations symbolize community, alliance and family.


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