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Graham Lake

Just inland from the Downeast town of Ellsworth is Graham Lake, where you can fish for smallmouth bass, pickerel and white perch. The 7,865-acre lake is dotted with small islands and floating heaths (dwarf shrub vegetation). It also has maximum water depths at just below 50 feet, and hundreds of submerged stumps and boulders, so most boaters need to take it slow. Small car-toppers and canoes work well on this body of water. You can access Graham Lake at three boat launch facilities: one at Graham Dam at the southern end of the lake; another at Fletchers Landing on the eastern shore; and a third at the extreme northwestern portion of the lake, at Morrison Knoll.

The water of Graham Lake is somewhat brown in color and you would probably do well using stickbaits or crankbaits and lures that make noise. Spinnerbaits work well along the weeds and near the floating heath islands. You can expect smallmouth bass in the three- to five-pound range anywhere on the lake. The floating heath islands and shoreline vegetation combine to produce hefty bass and pickerel.White perch in the eight- to twelve-inch range travel in schools around the deeper parts of the lake during the summer and usually feed on schools of minnows or hatching insects. Popular winter fishing spots include: off the mouth of Webb Brook; on the eastern shoreline near Hardwood Hill Island in Waltham;and at the dam on Route 180.

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