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Acadia National Park in Maine

Acadia National Park in Maine

Autumn Sunrise overlooking Jordon Pond from North Bubble.

Autumn Sunrise overlooking Jordon Pond from North Bubble.

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Acadia For Kids

With thousands of acres of wilderness to investigate, Acadia National Park provides the perfect antidote to technological distractions. At Acadia, you and your family have many choices for observing nature at work, including: walking through the woods and seeing squirrels, salamanders and deer; climbing a mountain and watching for peregrine falcons while you pick wild blueberries; or kneeling down next to a tidal pool and studying crabs, starfish, shrimp and periwinkles.

Unique Spots

If you time it right, you and your family can hear the booming sounds of waves crashing into Thunder Hole, sending sprays 40 feet into the air. If you climb Cadillac Mountain early in the morning, you can be the first in the United States to witness that day's sunrise.


You and your kids can take a horse-drawn carriage ride along the park's carriage paths to explore the island the way John D. Rockefeller and his guests once did (you can also bike along these paths). You can also get a different perspective on the park aboard a tour boat. What you and your kids will see from the deck looks much like it did when Samuel de Champlain first broke the horizon in the fall of 1604.


Your family can play miniature golf, croquet or badminton at one of the island's popular stops. You can also stay overnight at Blackwoods or Seawall Campground and enjoy a cookout by the sea.

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