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The Kennebec River

The Kennebec River


The Kennebec River flows through the heart of Maine,fromits origin at Moosehead Lake for more than 100 miles downstream to the head of tide in Augusta.You'll find a variety of environments in which to fish forstocked and wild brook trout,rainbow trout, brown trout,stocked and wild landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass,striped bass and anadromous shad, which return to freshwater to spawn.

The Upper Kennebec: Moosehead Lake to Solon

Flyanglersknow thepools and runs in thethreemiles of the East Outlet from Moosehead Lake for season-long fisheries for both stocked and wild landlocked salmon and brook trout. Wading is the most popular method in the East Outlet, though fishing from drift boats is increasing in popularity. At high flows, you can usea drift boattoaccess water not reachable by wading in this 200-foot wide river.

Moosehead Lake’s West Outlet is smaller with much less flow than in the East Outlet. Hereyou can takean easyseven-mile canoe trip through undeveloped forestland down to Indian Pond and fish for stocked brook trout or resident smallmouth bass.

Below Indian Pond, the Kennebec flows for 19 miles to Wyman Lake. This entire section supports wild populations of landlocked salmon and brook trout. Flows vary with releases from Harris Dam at the Outlet of Indian Pond, soyoushould pay close attention to what the river is doing and be prepared to react accordingly.

The uppermost reaches flow through a deep gorge noted more for its whitewater rafting than its fishing. Access to the gorge is limited. Below the gorge the gradient moderates, and although access to the river is still limited,you'll findmore opportunity to fish this forested, undeveloped stretch. Route 201closelyfollows the lowerninemiles, from The Forks where the Dead River enters the Kennebec, down to Wyman Lake.You can easily wade thissectionor fish from a canoe.

The Kennebec below Wyman Dam in Bingham is also known for wild salmonids: landlocked salmon, brook trout and rainbow trout. Wading and casting from shore are possible in thethree-mile section immediately below Wyman Dam.You'll need aboat or canoe to effectively fish the flowage area comprising the remainingfivemiles above the Solon Dam.

The Lower Kennebec: Solon to Augusta

From Solon to Waterville,the Kennebec River alternates between short stretches of fast water immediately below each of the five dams on this 47-mile section, to longer stretches of flowage above the next dam immediately downstream. In the upper 14 miles from Solon to Madison,you canfish for both wild and stocked landlocked salmon, brook trout and brown trout.

Below Madison,you'llfind populations of brook trout, landlocked salmon and brown trout supported by annual stocking.You can also find resident populations of smallmouth bass throughout the river below Madisonall season long, especially in each of the flowage areas.

From this point, theKennebec River flows unobstructed for 17 miles from the lower dam in Waterville to tidewater. Between Waterville and Augusta,the river lies in a deep valley that is forested along both sides and undeveloped on its slopes down to the water. Access for launching and taking out watercraft to travel this section is limited to three locations—Waterville, Sidney and Augusta.

Althoughyou'll betravelingthrough a very populated area of Maine,you'll beisolatedwhile you're on the river.In addition tothelandlocked salmon and brown trout stocked in this section, and the resident population of smallmouth bass, anadromous shad and striped bass now swim all the way upstream to Waterville from the sea.