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Visit a Maine Christmas Tree Farm

Family Blogger Jennifer Hazard

Need a suggestion for something family friendly to do in Maine? Look no further than Jennifer Hazard. She’s the incredibly outgoing married mother of two and editor of her blog On her site, she documents her family’s adventures throughout the state, giving readers an amazing glimpse into the unique and fun experiences of being a family in Maine.

One of our most anticipated family traditions is visiting a tree farm in early December. Last year, dear friends from Boston joined us for our annual adventure. We heard good things about The Old Farm Christmas Place of Maine in Cape Elizabeth, and decided to give it a try. The adults were drawn to the meticulously cared for balsam fir trees, and the kids looked forward to riding a wagon to the fields, sipping hot cocoa, and roasting marshmallows by an open fire.

We arrived at the farm on a chilly Sunday morning with four kids, ranging in age from six to eleven. The older kids decided to run up the hill to the fields with the dads, while the rest of us climbed on board the wagon. I couldn’t wait to explore the rows of trees to find the perfect one for our family. The kids wanted hot chocolate and marshmallows first. Priorities, you know.

At the top of the hill, the dads were given a small saw and a few simple instructions from the staff. Any tree that didn’t have a tag was up for grabs. Our family deliberated over trees—too tall, cute but too “Charlie Brown,” too wide—until we found a tree we could all agree on. Once we made our choice, my husband began sawing away at the base, while I held the tree from the top. As our tree began to fall, the kids yelled “Timber!” with delight, the cold air escaping from their mouths in small puffs.

The staff at the farm helped us tag and load our tree onto the wagon, and returned it to us at the base of the hill. My husband netted the tree for easy transport, and we helped him tie it to the top of our car.

For us, a visit to a tree farm is a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. There is nothing better than the scent of balsam and wood smoke in the air, rosy cheeks, and the anticipation that comes with bringing your very own tree home to decorate.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Editor's Notes

To find a list of Christmas tree farms across the state, visit here or search Get Real Maine under “Other Farm Products.”

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