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80+ parrot Open House


Over 80 macaws, Amazons, conures, cockatoos, African greys, eclectuses, Senegals, jardines

Enter a tropical paradise in Central Maine!

In 2006 Margaret and Fritz Buschmann founded the non-profit Siesta Sanctuary as a home for parrots who have been displaced and need permanency.

Parrots are wild animals that live 30-80 years. They are very intelligent and social and, in the wild, thrive as part of a flock. It is our mission to recreate the flock for parrots that have had their human flock disrupted; seldom can humans accommodate a pet through all the family life changes in 80 years!

Our parrots have come to us from rescue organizations, owners moving to nursing homes or apartments, spouses objecting to the bird, birds with problem behaviors that disrupt the home and birds that other folks have rescued but couldn’t keep.

All birds we take in will have permanent sanctuary. Here the parrots live in a flock, can fly and learn to behave like birds. Many birds that come to us have lived alone. Nearly all have found a mate or best friend. We delight in all this social activity and the odd couples that develop.

Siesta Sanctuary does not re-home parrots but can refer to organizations that do.

1 to 5 pm

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