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Red River Camps: An Outdoorsman's Paradise

Registered Maine Guide Steve Vose

Steve's specialty is facilitating memorable Maine experiences. As a registered guide, Steve can lead you anywhere anytime and make you feel at home. Equipped with first-hand knowledge and a healthy sense of humor, Steve openly shares the secrets of Maine's wilderness. Rely on him to survey the land and be your beacon for unique and remarkable adventures. Explore more with Steve on his blog, The Maine Outdoorsman.

Red River Camps stands as one of the few remaining classic sporting camps in the state. Nestled deep within the northern Maine forest, in the low-lying, rugged mountains of Aroostook County, Red River provides visitors with the perfect base of operations for those looking to fish, hunt or simply explore this beautiful and unique wilderness area. Due to its remote location, visitors will not encounter many of the human disturbances seen in more populated areas of the state, making Red River Camps truly an outdoorsman’s paradise.

In the remote wild lands of Maine’s North Country, cell service and cable television simply do not exist; instead feel the hustle and bustle of the real world melt away, as you explore the north Maine woods in pursuit of your favorite outdoor sports.

Red River Camps caters to all outdoor sporting enthusiasts, offering world-class fly-fishing, epic hunting and a wide selection of recreational opportunities, guaranteed to please all matter of outdoors men and women.

In September 2013, my father, brother and I stayed at Red River while accompanying our father on his first moose hunt. During that amazing week, Dad was successful in shooting a bull moose, thus completing his lifelong dream of harvesting one of these impressive animals. I am confident that if not for the key component of location, location, location when hunting these impressive animals, Dad’s story could have had a much less satisfactory ending.

Black Bear

Red River offers hunters opportunities to hunt black bear in the North Maine Woods and additional details can be secured by calling them.


For paddling enthusiasts, Red River Camp offers a rich assortment of lakes and ponds to explore, from small ponds surrounded by cliffs to giant wind-swept lakes, over a mile long and 300 acres in size. Red River keeps Old Town canoes and sport boats on many of these ponds for guest exclusive use, and they are included in your stay.


Deboullie Mountain's historic fire tower (it's certified on the National Historic Lookout Register) is a must-hike for anyone with an inclination to see the sights. In addition to the mountain trails, Deboullie also offers an expanse of historic roads that crisscross thousands of acres of pristine country. Over the past five years, the Bureau of Parks and Lands has expanded the hiking opportunities in the township to well over 30 miles of trails that take visitors to views of rock slides, ice caves and various other interesting geologic phenomenon.

Wildlife Watching

The north Maine woods serves as home to a host of wildlife, from bears and moose to fishers, pine marten, and mink. Early morning and evening hikes or slow drives through the miles of dirt roads are sure to have visitors catching a glimpse of these beautiful animals.

In 2009, we had a den of foxes on the edge of the Camps and one of them still enjoys coming back to play. Within just a few feet of the lodge, a myriad of ducks including goldeneyes, mallards, mergansers, black ducks and loons can be seen swimming in the pond and eagles, falcons, hawks and a dizzying array of song birds dance in the morning and evening sky.

Editor's Notes

For an authentic Maine wilderness experience, a stay at one of our iconic sporting camps is an absolute must. Sporting camps and wilderness lodges in Maine offer visitors the chance to experience the purity and serenity of Maine’s wilderness while receiving the expert guidance of a Registered Maine Guide. Learn more about the centuries-old Maine tradition of sporting camps and Registered Maine Guides.

Here in Maine, we take any opportunity to get outdoors and explore our lush and varied natural landscape. Hiking, biking, sailing, fishing and hunting are all mainstays of Maine outdoor culture and we pride ourselves on offering world-class 4-season activities.

Mainers often affectionately refer to Maine’s Aroostook County as simply “the county,” in reverence to its massive size and significance to Maine outdoor culture. Larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined, with 6,600 square miles of woods, fields, lakes and streams, Aroostook County is a nature-lover’s paradise. The region’s centerpiece is Allagash Wilderness Waterway, which flows for 92 miles and offers some of Maine’s finest, fishing grounds. Learn more about the county.

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