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Featured Maine Maker: Maine Fly Company

About Maine Fly Company

Jeff Davis was at a tipping point. His father has passed away right before the birth of Jeff’s twin sons and the sudden desire to live a life without regret was weighing on him. His thoughts kept drifting to the rivers where he longed to bring his father’s fly-fishing gear.

These notions, along with his family of entrepreneurs and craftsmen, collided to form his new passion: he threw out his suits, grew a beard, and founded the Maine Fly Company.

With intention and purpose, Jeff now creates heirloom-quality fly-fishing rods worthy of the most avid angler.

What He Makes

Each small batch of state-of-the-art rods are carefully designed and built by hand and are named for one of Maine’s waterways that Jeff and his crew have fished, reflecting their colors, beauty, and endurance.

Tested by Maine guides regionally for balance, performance and strength, you can be assured the rods belong on the rivers and bays you love most.

Where You can Find His Products

Maine Fly Company rods are found online, and at the Sparhawk Mill on a river’s edge in Yarmouth, Maine. There at the small retail shop, you can demo the rods right on the Royal River.

Another popular option is designing your own rod with Jeff’s assistance, so it is perfect for your fly-fishing needs.

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