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Winter Stargazing at Goose Rocks Beach


We’ll sit at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, listen to the waves, and learn about the stars above us!

For eons our ancestors gazed at the stars and learned. Navigation, anticipating the changing seasons, creating a calendar and so much more. As they gazed, they created constellations of stars that represented people and creatures from their culture. They told stories about them and watched as they moved across the sky. Later scientists would help us understand that stars were suns that made up our galaxy. They would discover other galaxies and so much more. We can star gaze too! We’ll sit on the beach, listen to the waves and learn about the stars above us!

Jeanne is a Marine Master Naturalist, previous professional work for many years in ecology and restoration of natural communities.

$40 per person, 10 guests maximum. Book Online:


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