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Otillo Swimrun Casco Bay


The birthplace of Americas first official SwimRun. Where it all began. Salty ocean swims, changing tides, island hopping, rock scrambles, historic sites, and that feel that only the East Coast, Maine, and this legendary race can deliver!

Race Course WATER Salty Bay Waters of the Atlantic

RUN TERRAIN Trails, Roads, Sand, Rock Scrambling

AIR & WATER TEMPS Average Air Temp - 77°F (25°C) Average Water Temp - 61°F (16°C) TOTAL SWIM & RUN DISTANCES COVERED World Series Course Swimming - 8,120m (5mi) Sprint Course Swimming - 3,230m (2mi) Experience Course Swimming - 1,635m (1mi)

World Series Course Running - 18.25mi (29.4k) Sprint Course Running - 10.75mi (17.3k) Experience Course Running - 5mi (8k) LONGEST SWIM & RUN World Series Course Swim - 1,260m (.8mi) Sprint Course Swim - 890m (.55mi) Experience Course Swim - 700m (.43mi)

World Series Course Run - 3.45mi (5.5k) Sprint Course Run - 3.45mi (5.5k) Experience Course Run - 3.45mi (5.5k) TOTAL GAIN/ASCENT World Series Course - 500' (153m) Sprint Course - 250' (76m) Experience Course - 150' (45m) COURSE MARKINGS The entire run course is marked through a combination of neon pink survey flags, tree hanging ribbons, and circular arrow ground signs. The swim course entry is not usually marked beyond the land markings guiding you to the edge of the water. The swim itself may have an orange buoy or two if there are coves that a swimmer needs to swim in to. Usually it's just the exit of the swim being marked with a huge neon yellow wind flag.

RESTROOMS There are a handful of permanent structure restrooms located on the course but we do not bring any portable restrooms in for the event. There are nice indoor restrooms at the start/finish area.

ON-COURSE HYDRATION We will have a hydrations station stocked with one cooler of water and one cooler of electrolyte water. The electrolyte water has little to no calories. Additionally each station will have a bucket of gels. Please do not "stock up" on gels taking more than you need to use in that immediate moment. If you need to have more hydration and nutrition than we provide please plan ahead and carry it on you. We recommend at least carrying a soft silicone hydration flask you can fill with liquid at each station and carry with you. We do provide a collapsable silicone cup you carry on you and drink from at each station but it doesn't allow for carrying hydration between stations. Some stations may have snacks and/or sandwiches as well.

POST RACE FOOD & DRINK All finishers will have access to post race food and drink near the finish line area.

SAFETY All of our courses are open. This means that although we have boats monitoring traffic in the water, everyone should be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. On land all trails are open to the public and any road crossings may have vehicular or bicycle traffic. Always look both ways before crossing. On the course we have safety boats and kayaks as well as land medics traversing pivotal areas most likely to require their attention. We cannot cover every mile of the course at all times, that’s why having a teammate is beneficial. Also remember to carry all mandatory gear during the race, some of it includes safety essentials.

COURSE MEDICAL We will have medical stationed at the start/finish line and also roaming the entire course throughout the day.

Various times based on distances World Series Team: 6am

  • Price Various fees - Solo, Experience Team, Sprint Team, World Series Team
  • Address 125 Manley Road
    Auburn, Maine 04210
  • Website https
  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone 2076158020

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