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Listening for Stories That Matter Workshop


In an afternoon of story-finding & story-telling, Jo Radner shares new ways to recollect almost-forgotten memories

In a lively afternoon of story-finding and story-telling, Jo Radner will share new ways to recollect almost-forgotten memories – and to help others discover and tell stories from their lives.

Do you wish you could remember more of your own history?

Do you wish you could persuade others to tell you more about their lives?

Do you wish you were better acquainted with your neighbors?

Would you like to help produce a “quilt” of diverse neighborhood stories?

Are you, perhaps, embarking on a family memoir?

No matter what motive brings you to this workshop on reminiscence, you will spend an engaging afternoon learning new ways to evoke memories.

“The shortest distance between two people is a story,” says the bumper sticker on Jo Radner’s car. We often ignore how truly precious are our own recollections as well as the memories of those near to us. As we share our stories in this workshop, we will discover the power of storytelling to forge links between people and to strengthen nourishing connections to our own histories.

Saturday, January 22 | Doors open at 1:00 PM The workshop begins at 1:30 PM; 120 minutes

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