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Lindsey Bourassa Flamenco


Rhythmic cajon and palmas, enchanting vocals, expressive guitar, and reverberating steps set the tone for an evening of top-notch flamenco at Mayo Street Arts.

The performance features dance by Lindsey Bourassa and Marilia Quevedo, song and guitar by Cristian Puig, and cajon by Behzad Habibzai. Each artist is masterful and steeped in the tradition of their form.

Come see what the magic of flamenco is all about! We invite you to be enraptured by the form during this ode to the complex musical, artistic & cultural Influences that converged in Andalusia over many centuries. Learn more about the history of flamenco here.

Saturday, September 30 at 2:00 PM (Doors 1:30 PM) & 7:00 PM (Doors 6:30 pm), 75-minutes with an intermission

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