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The St. John Valley and the Voici the Valley Cultureway


The St. John River Valley, on Maine's northern border with New Brunswick, is home to about 55,000 people. Most are of French heritage. The river separates the countries. But it does not separate the culture.

The Voici the Valley Cultureway celebrates the shared history and culture on both sides of the St. John. The Cultureway is charted like a big figure-8 loop with two self-guided tours - a Down River Tour in the east, and an Up River Tour in the west - crossing the international border.

The Voici the Valley Audio Story and Guide was created to enrich your experience. The audio story is a documentary on CD with 80 minutes of music and stories that feature the history, culture and traditions of the Aroostook County region. The 28-page guide has maps, photographs and descriptions of sites and communities.