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Chasing the Sun

The Sun: It’s the stuff of myth, the subject of song and the illuminator of the world – offering the promise of a new day. If you find...


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Windjammer Ways

Dusk starts to descend on the bay; the only audible sounds being the relaxed waves of the Atlantic Ocean caressing the sides of the...

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Acadia National Park

A place of immense beauty like Acadia National Park tends to bring out the profound. It’s true, natural beauty of this magnitude hits you on...

Using native ash wood and the best Maine-based materials, Camden Toboggans are built to last generations.

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@ ericinmaine

Marshall Point Light. One of my faves. Snowy and windy on this day, but that just means the...


@ lomchugh

It was nice to see the sun for one whole day. I am desperate for warm summer days like this one....