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Road Trips

There are Scenic Byways all across the United States, and, as you’d expect, Maine has more than its fair share. We’re featuring three...


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Mainers by Choice

I am not from here. I've only lived in Maine a short while, but there are more than a few things I've come to learn and love during my brief...

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Kamp Kamp

The recent discovery of a tiny, feathery dinosaur tail in a piece of amber brought one word to mind – twice.  Kamp Kamp. As it turned...

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Nebo Lodge - An Island Treasure

Have you ever had the experience of staring out at a body of water – could be a lake, could be an ocean – when one particular wave...

These are fantastic, live-life-your-way kind of people. No layers. Only genuine, authentic Mainers, extending their trademark warm welcome.

The Simple Life


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I'm not sure how this guy did it, but the barista did a heck of a job with the latte art using...


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Kick ass lunch at Central Provisions today. Great selection of small plates to share and well...