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Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Set sail into the legendary past and exhilarating present of Maritime...


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Abbe Museum Indian Market

A New Dawn For Native American Art The coastal islands of Maine are the easternmost points in the United States, giving Maine the privilege of the...

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Roxi Suger

Fashion designer and creator of the eco-friendly Angelrox line of clothing. Roxi crafts her women’s clothing line in a converted...

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From Maine to Neptune

Maine filmmaker, Derek Kimball Two things about Mainers: they’re hard workers and original thinkers. Sometimes the task at hand requires a...

It’s Randy’s mission is to uncover hidden treasure in the nooks, crannies and antique shops, the back bedrooms and front porches of classic, vintage Maine.

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Three things that are unavoidable in Lubec (not that you'd want to avoid them): fish, art, and...