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The Art of Maine

We may never truly know where inspiration comes from. But the historical record paints a compelling picture of where it can be found. For the last...


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The Maine Art Museum Trail

Upon a visit to the Portland Museum of Art, the artfully inquisitive mind would be fortunate to run into the museum’s director, Mark...

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Kamp Kamp

The recent discovery of a tiny, feathery dinosaur tail in a piece of amber brought one word to mind – twice.  Kamp Kamp. As it turned...

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Maine’s Legacy of Fine Craftsmanship

Figuring out what works. That’s the key, according to Stuart Kestenbaum, whether you’re building a lobster trap or crafting a...

It’s Randy’s mission is to uncover hidden treasure in the nooks, crannies and antique shops, the back bedrooms and front porches of classic, vintage Maine.

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My little rustic lobster sign that I just finished..mixing it up with some of my decor to see how...