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Roxi Suger

Fashion designer and creator of the eco-friendly Angelrox line of clothing. Roxi crafts her women’s clothing line in a converted Biddeford...


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Honoring the history of Maine’s maker culture and honing their masterful skills, Dana Bourgeois and company create some of the best acoustic...

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A Passion for Vintage Fashion

“Once you get the bug for the vintage hunt, it's hard to stop because you know there is always some treasure out there waiting for...

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Main Street Maine

Scientists say it’s a real thing. The feeling that time passes faster as we get older. Something about “prospective and retrospective...

It’s Randy’s mission is to uncover hidden treasure in the nooks, crannies and antique shops, the back bedrooms and front porches of classic, vintage Maine.

Art & Craft


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Three things that are unavoidable in Lubec (not that you'd want to avoid them): fish, art, and...