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Maine's Local Food Movement

It’s trendy. It’s tasty. It’s everywhere. But Maine’s farm-to-table movement actually had its humble beginnings among the...


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The Holy Donut

From Maine's fertile and abundant soil come many crops – one of the most plentiful being the potato. These starchy vegetables are destined...

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Hunt & Alpine

Mixologist Andrew Volk Business and Pleasure – the Perfect Mix A mixologist walks into a bar.  No, there’s no groaner punchline...

We try to carry products from everybody from the State of Maine because there’s really cool stuff happening here all the time.

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I love colorful food! This was my dinner last night. Roasted squash, chocolate and chili mole,...


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Fried chicken! Marinated in buttermilk and kimchi liquor, dredged, fried and glazed with mango...