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Maine's Local Food Movement

It’s trendy. It’s tasty. It’s everywhere. But Maine’s farm-to-table movement actually had its humble beginnings among the...


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Red Snapper Dog

When you travel to Maine it’s a good idea to have a list in your head of the distinctively Maine foods that you should have. Lobster,...

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What exactly is a Ploye?

Well, it’s not quite bread, not exactly a pancake, and not completely a crepe. The ploye (rhymes with “boy”) is a uniquely Maine...

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The Holy Donut

From Maine's fertile and abundant soil come many crops – one of the most plentiful being the potato. These starchy vegetables are destined...

We try to carry products from everybody from the State of Maine because there’s really cool stuff happening here all the time.

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I love colorful food! This was my dinner last night. Roasted squash, chocolate and chili mole,...


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Fried chicken! Marinated in buttermilk and kimchi liquor, dredged, fried and glazed with mango...