"I have achieved the 'sacred' pilgrimage to Mount Katahdin – exceeding all my expectations so far that I am sort of helpless with words."

Marsden Hartley Painter

We may never truly know where inspiration comes from. But the historical record paints a compelling picture of where it can be found. For the last two centuries, men, women and muses of all persuasions have followed the whispers of their souls to Maine to pursue their dreams, their aspirations and adventures. But above all, to create masterworks of art in a place that, in the eyes of many, is an unrivaled and unfinished masterwork itself.

Maine author, Mary Ellen Chase, once recalled the words of a student from her teaching days. “Maine is different from all other states, isn't it?” the child posed.

"I suppose that's because God never quite finished it."

It is that primordial essence, resonating deep in the bones and high in the consciousness, that has inspired artists to come to Maine. And, to apply their own finishing touches to this most original of original places.

Join us for a guided tour of our Maine Gallery, beginning with the pioneers of the 1800s – the ones who ventured north instead of west. Then we’ll pay a visit to the legendary art colonies that have influenced every generation since, with a focus on Maine’s thriving art communities of today. And, we’ll spend some quality time with four of Maine’s leading contemporary artists as they add their signatures to the masterpiece that is the Art of Maine.

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