The Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail

Issue Four

Henry David Thoreau. American writer, philosopher and naturalist famous for his devotion to nature and his determination to explore a simple, self-reliant and freedom-seeking existence. And, of course, famous to all Mainers and our visitors for his seminal book, “The Maine Woods,” the noble companion piece to “Walden.” To celebrate the 150th anniversary of its publication, an intrepid group of modern-day explorers—including academics, members of the Penobscot Tribe of Maine and leading outdoor experts—retraced one of Thoreau’s three epic journeys into the wilds of Maine. So secure your life jacket, settle into your canoe and join us as we experience the Thoreau-Wabanaki 150th Anniversary Tour. And you might want to grab a couple of granola bars. Your next meal is about 20 miles away.