Fashion designer and creator of the eco-friendly Angelrox line of clothing. Roxi crafts her women’s clothing line in a converted Biddeford textile mill — the old fashioned way, by hand. This is a story of revitalization, creativity and the Maine inspiration that drives it.





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Known for its raw power, the Saco River in Biddeford was an ideal place to build a great textile mill in the mid-1800s. Known for her sheer grace, Roxi Suger now calls the once-abandoned Pepperell Mill the production headquarters for Angelrox. While Roxi keeps the spirit of the textile industry alive and well, the mill is also a churn for other creative enterprises, something that originally attracted Roxi and Julian.

"We liked the creative, gritty vibe, like Brooklyn was back in the day for young artists," Roxi reflects. "Biddeford has that kind of potential. To be a part of that coming back to life is an amazing joy."

The mill is where Roxi’s designs come to life. She describes the hands-on, hearts-in process this way: “A dedicated team of angels craft each piece with care and joy. We hand cut and stitch using traditional techniques. Each piece is sewn from start to finish from a single stitcher, using American-made machines that were invented in 1881 in New England.”

From Pepperell Mill, the clothing makes the trip to the Suger retail shop in Biddeford or its sister site in Portland. Of course, Roxi’s designs don’t reach full expression until they take shape on her wonderful angels. Here too, Roxi’s creativity soars. Why use the traditional sizing of small, medium and large when you can have Feather, Bird, Wing, Song and Joy?