Fashion designer and creator of the eco-friendly Angelrox line of clothing. Roxi crafts her women’s clothing line in a converted Biddeford textile mill — the old fashioned way, by hand. This is a story of revitalization, creativity and the Maine inspiration that drives it.





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For generations, the fabric of life in Biddeford, Maine was, literally, the fabric of life. As a world leader in textiles, the mills of Biddeford and the hands of hardworking Mainers provided the materials for form, function and fashion across America. In one lovely swatch of Biddeford today, the fabric of life is more fashionable and full of life than ever.

The handmade sign that hangs above the storefront reads, simply: Suger. Not some trendy alt-spelling of sugar, it’s the last name of the shop’s proprietor. First name? Roxi. Roxi Suger, designer of the internationally-loved Angelrox line of stylish, versatile, eco-friendly women’s apparel – and one of the new wave of Maine makers and inspirers.

She was born in Oklahoma and raised in Alabama, with a successful 18-year venture in New York’s world of fashion design. And now, Roxi Suger has found home sweet home in Biddeford.