Fashion designer and creator of the eco-friendly Angelrox line of clothing. Roxi crafts her women’s clothing line in a converted Biddeford textile mill — the old fashioned way, by hand. This is a story of revitalization, creativity and the Maine inspiration that drives it.





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There are no direct flights from Muscle Shoals, Alabama to Biddeford, Maine. Unless you’re an angel, or know someone who is. Roxi Suger counts a whole sky-full of them among her contacts. A less inspired fashion designer might call them customers. Not Roxi. “We have a fabulous pool of angels and supporters that really care about what we’re doing and what we’re trying to offer,” she says.

Not many people can say their career path was directly inspired and hands-on instructed by a grandmother. Even fewer can claim the influence of two grandmothers. Roxi’s one of the precious few. “I was lucky enough to have two grannies who taught me how to sew when I was eight,” she explains. ”And I was hooked.”

A degree in clothing, textiles and design from the University of Alabama. Nearly two decades establishing her name and her Angelrox line in New York. And then the flight of fancy north with her husband and business partner, Julian Schlaver, and their son. “Maine grabbed our hearts,” Roxi shares. “Something about the gentle grace and simple ways really touched my southern soul and made me feel at home.”