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Dog sledding in Maine

Dog sledding in Maine

Kate Sfeir

Dog sledding in Maine

Dog sledding in Maine

M. Dirk MacKnight

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Dog Sledding

It’s one of North America’s oldest forms of winter travel and it’s still one of the most thrilling. You wrap yourself in warm clothes, hop on a sled, and let an experienced guide and a team of dogs speed you across the snow.

Dog sledding, or dog mushing, has been practiced on this continent for hundreds of years. And while dog breeds and sled construction has changed, the vivid experience has stayed largely the same. On the sled, you are inches above the snow as your dog team bolts down wooded trails, across frozen lakes and over snow-covered meadows. Sled dogs are bred to pull and, in well-kept teams, are having as much fun as you are. Some outfitters offer short trips, while others can stretch out the fun with winter camping and sled & ski experiences.

Before heading out on your adventure, remember to check first with your outfitter: dog sledding is weather and doggie-dependent. Changes in weather and dog health can affect schedules. Also, while some outfitters provide needed warm clothes and even footwear, others require you to bring your own gear.

In the Maine Lakes and Mountains region, consider Dogsled Maine, Mahoosuc Guide Service and Ultimate Dog Sledding Experience.

In the Maine Highlands region, check out Lone Wolf Guiding Service and Maine Dogsledding Adventures.

Time your trip right and catch one of these exciting events. The Wilderness Sled Dog Race takes place in Greenville and the Can Am Crown International Sled Dog Races are in Fort Kent.

Look Out for ME Responsible Recreation Tips

  • Stay on established trails & roads
  • Pack any garbage & waste out with you when you leave
  • Don’t cut, mark or damage trees
  • Always recreate within your personal limits
  • Be weather wise & dress appropriately
  • Bring a basic first aid kit & travel with a friend
  • Bring a waterproof map & compass

For more info on how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, visit our Look Out for ME page.

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