Surf casting in southern Maine

Surf casting in southern Maine

A fish on the hook while saltwater fishing in Maine.

A fish on the hook while saltwater fishing in Maine.

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Saltwater Fishing

It’s a daily ritual seen up and down the Maine coast. Anglers shoulder heavy fishing rods and reels, hoist coolers and coats, and trudge down beaches and rock spits to the water’s edge. There, they heave poppers and spinners and radiant flies and chunks of bait across the surf line towards the fish they hope await them.

Surf casting - fishing from beaches, rocks, and piers – is popular throughout coastal Maine. It’s also one of the easiest ways for visitors to check out saltwater fishing in the state. Surf casters reel in species including tasty mackerel, hard-fighting striped bass and toothy bluefish. Check out The Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) for more information. DMR oversees saltwater fishing, recommends places for you to try your luck, shows you the sorts of fish you might hook, and explains whether you need to register to fish.

Want more excitement? Try a charter. Boats sail from harbors throughout coastal Maine. Some captains use specialized skiffs that prowl tidal zones for stripers as well as zip offshore. Other use bigger boats that head primarily into deeper water. There, you can try for smaller game fish as well as hunt for big boys – blue, Mako and thresher sharks and Bluefin tuna. Charters often provide everything. And experienced captains don’t just lead you to the good spots. They’ll also help you choose the right bait and tackle. Maybe, they’ll even offer you advice on that shaky cast. Contact the Maine Association of Charter Boat Captains for more information.    

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