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Why Maine Lobster is the Best

Lobster, lobster, everywhere... It really can seem like that, especially during the summer in Maine. There are lobster shacks open all along the coast, lobster boats dotting the sea like gulls, and every restaurant seems to have at least one lobster dish on the menu. Summer is when lobsters shed their hard shells and visitors can choose between the less-expensive shedders or the bigger hard shells. While more people eat lobster in the warmer months, that doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh lobster year-round. Most lobstermen only set traps from June to October, when the lobsters are nearer to shore and more plentiful, but there are the hardy few who brave icy decks and freezing water to bring in the day’s catch.

The Cold Season

Lobsters move out to sea once the waters get cold and are only found 20-30 miles off shore. The waters are rougher and the weather even more so. Only about a third of all of Maine’s lobster fishermen are willing to brave those conditions to continue to bring these live and oh-so delicious critters to our tables.

And thank goodness! No one who comes to Maine must go without lobster, regardless of the season. While summer is the time to enjoy eating lobster rolls by lighthouses and fresh from the world’s biggest lobster pot at the Maine Lobster Festival, there’s nothing better than cozying up to the fire with a big bowl of lobster mac ‘n cheese. Or, a bowl of lobster bisque or hearty lobster pie – think chicken pot pie, but with lobster.

Take 'em to Go

And who’s to say you have to eat lobster from Maine in Maine? Bring ‘em home with you on the plane, like a strange pet stashed under your seat. Pop those bugs into a pot when you get home and share a taste of Maine with your friends!

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