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Lobster Rolls

Oh, the lobster roll. All the joys of freshly picked lobster meat and none of the work to get it out yourself. It’s portable, the ideal prêt à manger Maine dish. Add a Moxie soda and a bag of potato chips and you might just have the best meal of your life. Every lobster-loving Mainer has their personal favorite way to make a roll and the lobster shack at which to buy it.

No Two Rolls are Alike

Lobster rolls can be as different as Maine’s counties – and each beloved lobster shack makes them their own way, no two are exactly alike.

Traditionalists want only a hearty portion of tail and claw meat with a dollop of mayo served in a buttery grilled split-top hotdog bun, a dash of salt and pepper, and a sprinkle of lemon juice. Celery may be considered.

The artists, like Sam Hayward of Fore Street restaurant in Portland, get creative – adding some cayenne powder and lettuce. Others add seasonings to add some pizzazz to the mayo, like wasabi or curry powder. Some are simply served with hot butter to pour over it.

Finding the Perfect Roll

Visitors can challenge themselves to find their perfect lobster roll by trying as many as they can – from lobster shacks and food trucks to fine dining establishments across the state.

Or, you can just go to McDonald’s. Yup, that McDonald’s. In the summer months, you can actually buy a fresh lobster roll at McDonald’s in Maine. It’s one of the many reasons summer is perfect here.

Whether you have a lobster roll in a hotdog bun or round roll, whatever the seasonings, mayo or butter – you will certainly have fun on your search for Maine’s best. Do they taste better by the sea? Or, at the top of a mountain? You’ll just have to find out when you visit.

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