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Culinary Experiences

Sure, Maine lobster is an iconic mainstay, and it’s easy to see why, whether it’s bathed in butter or piled into a freshly crafted lobster roll. But beyond this classic catch, Maine offers a thriving food scene rich with diverse, seasonal ingredients that are hand-harvested from our fields and tides. Choose from personalized food tours, food festivals, farm- and sea-to-table restaurants, food trucks, breweries, wineries and distilleries, and so much more. Each of these experiences presents its own unique taste of Maine. So, what will you choose (and taste)?

Experience a Maine food tour through Maine Day Ventures, serving up authentic cuisine with knowledgeable guides across the state. Tours vary in type and price to meet anyone’s desires: tours on water, land, family-friendly, 21+ tours and more. Bus, bike or walk on a Maine Brews Cruise to get a sampling of craft beverages in the Portland area. The Maine Oyster Trail, featuring 75 one-of-a-kind Maine oyster businesses, allows you to appreciate local oysters, whether you want to shuck, taste, and learn from the experts or just grab and go.

Add one of Maine’s many food-themed festivals to your calendar, honoring Maine-grown foods like hearty potatoes, wild blueberries, luscious maple syrup or fresh seafood. For a special occasion, you can plan a dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant—or literally dine at the farm for an experience that transforms with the seasons. Later, grab your drink of choice at one of our breweries, wineries or distilleries.

Perhaps you’re not a planner; spontaneous dining can be some of the best. After a day on the town, grab a dish by an up-and-coming chef from the state’s many food trucks, diverse in offerings and flavors, from street-style tacos to creative poutine.

In any case, Maine’s natural bounty, paired with our creative chefs and entrepreneurs, make for some unforgettable culinary experiences that delight the senses and expand the palate.

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