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Visitors must quarantine or provide a negative COVID-19 test within 3 days of arrival in Maine. Visitors from New Hampshire and Vermont are currently exempt. We encourage you to check websites for your destinations before visiting for the latest health and safety guidelines in place.

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Birding in Acadia National Park

One reason there are so many birds in Acadia National Park – some estimate over 300 species – is that there are so many places for those birds to thrive.

Though compact compared to western parks, Acadia is extraordinarily diverse. Within its borders is shore land and beach, leafy forest and lake, sub-alpine zone and barren mountain ledge. This variety provides habitat for a broad selection of seabirds, forest dwellers, warblers and raptors.

Where to See Birds – Birding Trails

The Park Service offers a detailed list of birds that are likely to be spotted within Acadia’s borders, as well as a list of those that might be found on Mount Desert Island. The park offers some tips on the best places to go looking for birds. Additionally, the Maine Birding Trail offers guidance for prime places to find birds within the park.

Birding Festival

Want more? Visit Acadia in the spring for the annual Acadia Birding Festival. This multi-day event, hosted by a local nonprofit, sponsors lectures, field trips, and journeys by boat to study sea birds.

Birding Events

From August through October, join park rangers and volunteers on Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain for the annual HawkWatch. Park officials, Schoodic Institute staff members and volunteers work together to count hawks and other raptors as they ride the winds past Acadia’s heights on their southerly migration. The bird count helps scientists better understand raptor behavior, establishes migration patterns and provides a snapshot of bird numbers.

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