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Reid Beach in Maine

Reid Beach in Maine

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Finding a great beach in Maine isn’t difficult. Choosing a favorite? That’s what’s hard.

There are the long, white-sand beaches of southern maine, where you can dip your toes in the Atlantic and stop for cotton candy and carnival rides. There are the sinuous beaches of the MidCoast and Islands region, where stretches of sand are bracketed by granite and tide pools. There are the pocket beaches of the DownEast and Acadia region, tucked into the folds of the rocky, majestic shore.

Inland, there are countless beaches and swimming holes on Maine’s lakes and ponds, where you can park your canoe, cast a fly, or take a swim in the warm, fresh water.

Pick a favorite? Good luck. Better yet, make a list and keep adding to it. Maine’s got lots to choose from.

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