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A promise of freedom billows out of the crisp white sail as you enter the waterway. Mystery, exhilaration and adventure churn below the stern.  Your eyes travel up the mast and towards the clear blue sky, and there is nowhere else you’d rather be than right here, on the water in Maine.

Sailing in Maine lets you explore one of the most fundamental elements of our state’s iconic natural beauty as it was meant to be experienced: viscerally and firsthand. Words cannot adequately describe the feeling of liberation that comes with setting sail on Maine’s salt and freshwater bodies of water. We get some of our best thinking done this way - - the saltwater air has a way of clearing your head and the unbroken horizons incite limitless possibilities.

Sailing in Maine isn’t just reserved for those with an encyclopedic knowledge of nautical knots. Many sailing centers offer sailing excursions, classes and sail boat rentals for when you’re ready to take to the high seas.

Set sail in Maine and see where the tide takes you.

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