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Wine tasting in Maine.

Wine tasting in Maine.

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Maine Wineries

The phrase “wine country” may not prompt you to think of the rocky coast of Maine. But a growing number of winemakers have realized that the state’s moderate ocean climate makes for happy grapevines. So like the rest of Maine’s culinary scene, the last twenty years have seen an explosion in wine production. After all, gourmands need something to pair with all that delicious seafood and wild game.

Many Maine vineyards are growing cold-hardy hybrid varietals bred for cooler climates —including Frontenac blanc, Frontenac gris, Marquette and L'acadie blanc — joining the sweet blueberry, blackberry, pear and apple wines that were the staples of Maine’s wine scene for many years.

Wineries in Maine are unique. Our wines are as varied as the people who create them, but they all reflect the special terroir of Maine, whether you’re visiting the coast, the lakes region or the highlands. When wine tasting in Maine, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy wine--you just need to trust your own taste. You’re bound to find one you like along the Maine Wine Trail, a collection of over two dozen wineries, tasting rooms, vineyards and orchards.

In Dexter, you can visit the tasting room to sample the wide variety and enjoy a tour at Anthony Lee’s Winery. Enjoy honey wine, or mead, from The Fat Friar’s Meadery in Newcastle, with meads ranging from sour to light summery ones. The Kennebec Valley has many wineries, like Willows Awake in Leeds, where their vines and locally sourced fruit provide the foundation for estate-grown wines. At The Vista of Maine, Ricker Hill hard ciders and wines are served in a historic barn with an incredible view of mountains.

In the MidCoast region you can find Cellardoor Winery – less than 10 miles away from Camden – has a state-of-the-art winemaking facility and a beautiful vineyard. Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery is a family-run business offering a variety of wines and spirits. If you’re looking for a winery open during the chillier months, you’ll be happy to note that Sweetgrass is open through New Year’s Eve! Winterport Winery has a variety of award-winning fruit wines from blueberry to pear.

Wine tasting in Maine can be a choose-your-own adventure. Taste a variety of wines, meads, ciders and spirits along the Trail, or at a Maine Winery Guild event, like the Maine Open Winery Day. No matter when you visit, you’ll find unique Maine vintages in specialty stores and markets throughout the state.

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