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Maine is turning 200 in 2020.

To mark two centuries of statehood, visitors will be able to take part in events throughout the state, March to October 2020, from festivals to parades and community celebrations.

Starting March 14 and 15, 2020, a Statehood Weekend kicks off the bicentennial festivities with Maine traditions including a bean supper, food drives, speeches, poetry readings and music. This statehood weekend will be held throughout the state, predominantly in the capital city of Augusta.

The bicentennial parade will be in the Lewiston/Auburn area on May 16, 2020, and will focus on Maine’s history by honoring Maine veterans, youth groups and the unique culture that has been molded over the past 200 years. Floats and bands from across the state will pass through the streets in commemoration of Maine’s past.

A special feature is the Summer Coast Festival from July 16 to 19, 2020. From Portland, up the coast of Maine, Tall Ships America will sail from port to port, putting on a show for viewers as hundreds of ships sail along the coast. The festival places an emphasis on Maine’s maritime history, educates youth on maritime values and lets visitors behold these magnificent ships.

The celebration comes to an end between October 9 and 12, 2020, at the Grand Finale Weekend. These four days recognize the state’s diverse culture, as well as industrial, agricultural and corporate innovation. The past and present will come together in a time capsule to be saved for future generations.

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