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Maine is Hiring: Travel and Tourism Job Openings

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Maine’s robust tourism industry is a vital part of our state economy, contributing to job creation and economic growth. This spending is taxed, which saved each household in Maine $2,172 in state and local taxes for the year.

As Maine gears up for another busy summer, local employers have many openings for seasonal hospitality jobs. From camp coaches and sailing instructors to restaurant servers and resort attendants, career opportunities span all experience levels and all types of job categories.

Whether you’re a student, new college graduate, retiree looking for temporary work or an active job seeker desiring a full-time career or part-time gig, Maine’s tourism and hospitality sector has many openings to suit an array of employment needs.

Why Apply?

Find flexible jobs, seasonal work or long-term career opportunities.

Search local job boards to find an opening that suits your schedule and experience level. The tourism industry is seeking hospitality management professionals, chefs, lifeguards, boat captains, servers, tour guides and many more positions, from full-time to part-time.

Gain experience in a growing industry.

The travel and tourism industry is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry. Tourism brings visitors—and their money—directly to Maine to support communities and businesses large and small.

Meet new people and make their day.

Broaden your perspective by interacting with people from all around the world as they come to explore and experience Maine. As a hospitality professional, you are an ambassador of Maine and its local culture, influencing the visitor experience every step of the way. No two days—or two visitors—will be the same.

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