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Maine's most exciting whitewater rating experience

Maine's most exciting whitewater rating experience

Northern Outdoors

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September Kennebec River High Water Event


Maine's best white water experience happens four times per summer rafting season.

Brookfield Power opens Harris Dam to its maximum capacity to test their turbines. Experience the adrenaline-fueled rush of 8,000 cubic feet per second of water rushing through the Kennebec River Gorge.

If you love the thrill of white water rafting in Maine, you will want to experience one of the Turbine Test release trips on the Kennebec River. There are only 4 test dates per rafting season!

Kennebec Turbine Test rafting trips enjoy 8,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) water flows. Normal flows on the Kennebec are 4800 CFS. During a turbine test, Brookfield Power tests their generating turbines by releasing the maximum amount of water possible from Harris Station Dam.

It's an aggressive, high-adventure whitewater rafting trip racing through the beautiful Upper Kennebec River Gorge with non-stop action and huge waves. The Kennebec broadens after lunch, into the fast-moving lower section surrounded by forests and wildlife. Enjoy incredible scenery, exciting rapids and plenty of opportunities to play and see wildlife such as eagles, moose, osprey and more!

The river put-in is only a 30-minute bus ride from the check-in and the trip ends just a short ride from our Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort, where you’ll enjoy a classic grilled lunch and microbrew at the Kennebec River Brewery.

Rafting trips l;eave from Northern Outdoors at 8am

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