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Rasa String Quartet’s ‘Jazz Meets Counterpoint’


Come find out why jazz standards and Mozart definitely belong together.

Jazz Meets Counterpoint is Rasa String Quartet's upcoming winter concert at Mayo Street Arts. It tells a tale of two seemingly disparate styles that come together beautifully, ending in the exhilarating finale of Shostakovich’s unrelenting ninth-string quartet.

By exploring the connection between music and storytelling at the heart of folk traditions, Rasa String Quartet delivers engaging and accessible programs that showcase works from a variety of cultures and highlight unknown composers. They seek to educate their audiences by contextualizing the genres, styles, and composers they present, inviting their listeners to approach both familiar and unfamiliar sounds with an open and curious mind.

In sanskrit, the term ‘RASA’ refers to the indescribable power of any art form to inspire strong emotions in the reader or listener.

Sunday, February 4 at 7:00 PM (doors 6:30 PM), 75 minutes, with an intermission

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