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This Is Me Campaign

The Maine Thing excels at conveying a sense of place and perspective of the people that live here. "This is me" is a campaign designed to celebrate, inspire and reward the spirit of originality. Not just in Maine. But anywhere and with anyone that identifies by and expresses the importance of this value. "This is me" is a declarative statement of originality. It paves the way for becoming a lifestyle brand while staying rooted in our core brand value and platform. True originals are a rarified breed. But not in Maine. We have them in spades. Folks who follow their own path. Live the life they want. Above all, be themselves in a world that is constantly trying to make them someone else. Rumor has it there are others out there...outside of Maine. And we want to find them. Collaborate and share their stories of how and why originality still matters. Let's recognize and reward them for realizing and declaring, "Hey, The Maine Thing is me. This is me." In doing so, we continue to make Maine synonymous with true, unadulterated Originality and become the champions of a cause beyond the borders of Maine.

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This is Me

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Island Life

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