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Bowling Alleys

Mainers love bowling, especially when winter turns down the thermostat outdoors. And in Maine, bowlers get two distinct ways to play.

Like the rest of the US, Maine has lanes designed for Ten-Pin bowling. That game features fat-bottomed pins that look like ducks standing at attention. Bowlers try to knock them down using large, heavy balls which they grasp by putting three fingers into holes in the balls.

Other Maine bowling alleys offer Candlepin bowling, a game seen largely in New England and the Canadian Maritimes. In that game, the pins look like tall wooden candles – hence, the name. Bowlers roll balls without fingerholes, each of which is the size of a big grapefruit. Candlepin fans claim their sport is tougher than Ten-Pin. Naturally, many Ten-Pin fans disagree. Maine gives you the opportunity to try them both.

Here’re bowling alleys in each of Maine’s Tourism Regions with the type of bowling each offers. Alleys often provide additional amenities including restaurants, bars, billiards and arcades.

Aroostook County

Northern Lanes Bowling Alley / Presque Isle / Candlepin

DownEast & Acadia

Eastward Family Fun Center / Ellsworth / Candlepin

Greater Portland and Casco Bay

Bayside Bowl/ Portland / Ten-Pin

Kennebec Valley

Sparetime Bowling / Hallowell / Ten-Pin

Maine’s Lakes & Mountains

Moose Alley / Rangeley / Ten-Pin

Maine’s MidCoast & Islands

All Play Family Entertainment Center / Belfast and Waldoboro / Candlepin

The Maine Beaches

Bowl-A-Rama / Sanford/ Candlepin

The Maine Highlands

Family Fun Bowling Center/ Bangor / Ten-Pin

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