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Lock, Stock, and Apparel

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The laces.
The leather.
The legend.

A short history lesson: What we call the “Bean boot” today traces its lineage to what Leon Leonwood Bean called the “Maine hunting shoe” in 1912, designed to repel water and not weigh a hunter down. Bean designed the shoe with a soft sole, like a moccasin, says company spokesperson Mac McKeever, because “he felt a good hunter needed to feel the earth under his feet.” It wasn’t until 1965 that L.L.Bean spun off a new product called the “Bean boot,” but the original’s popularity has never waned among hunters. This particular specimen dates back to the 1930s — one of the oldest in the museum-like Bean archive. Have an older one kicking around at deer camp? “That would be a huge deal,” says McKeever, “definitely considered a fantastic treasure.”

Excerpted with permission from the November 2014 issue of DownEast magazine.

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    The Maine Beaches Gifts Clothing, Apparel and Textiles

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