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Acadia’s Forgotten Lakes

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Tucked amid bold ocean cliffs and granite-topped peaks, the lakes and ponds on Mount Desert Island manage to hide in plain sight. They’re worth a second look.

You wouldn’t think two million people could miss something so obvious. Yet each summer a surprising number of people overlook the park’s twenty-six lakes and ponds, from the so-called “great” ponds to smaller water bodies like the Tarn and Aunt Betty Pond. The lakes of Acadia comprise more than 7 percent of the island and yet manage to hide in plain sight, their 2,600 acres of aquatic splendor overshadowed by the park’s bold ocean cliffs and granite-topped mountains. For those willing to venture a few steps off the Park Loop Road, these natural gems each offer an experience as unique as the island itself.

Excerpted from the article by Joshua F. Moore in the June 2008 issue of DownEast Magazine.

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