Presumpscot River

The Presumpscot River is 25 miles long and flows from Sebago Lake to Casco Bay at Portland. The name "Presumpscot" originated from local native culture and means “many falls” or “many rough places.” Along the river, you can fish for brook trout, brown trout, landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, striped bass and bluefish.


Sebago Lake to North Gorham and Dundee Ponds

You can fish for brook trout, brown trout and landlocked salmon in the stretch that runs from Sebago Lake to two ponds that form in the river: North Gorham Pond and Dundee Pond.The stretch from the lake to North Gorham Pond isforflyfishingonly.While a few wild brook trout remain in the river, the current population is stockedannuallywiththetrout andsalmon.You can fish this stretch of the river year-round and it's a popular destination forwinter anglers.


The river is easy to wade but you should be careful in the upper section just downstream from Route 35, where releases from Sebago Lakeresult in rising water. You can visit the Portland Water District website for more information.Early in the spring, and throughout the winter, trout feed on submerged aquatic insect larvae. Therefore, nymph imitations, especially flies tied behind a weighted bead head, work best. In warmer weather, the river is best fished using terrestrial imitations such as grasshoppers and ants.


Downstream from Dundee Pond

Downstream from Dundee Pond,the river becomes regulated as General Law. Smallmouth bass anglers have excellent luck using rubber shad and plastic worms, both in small sizes and surface lures at daybreak and dusk. Combinations of soft plastic baits and spinner blades work well as do swimming stickbaits and crankbaits, also in smaller sizes.


While smallmouth bass angling is viable in the midsections of the river—inNorth Gorham Pond and Dundee Pond in particular—thefly fishing-only section just below Sebago Lake is by far the most visited section of river.From here,the river winds its way through Windham, Gorham, Westbrook and Falmouth andthenempties into Casco Bay at Portland. During the summer months, you can fish for striped bass and bluefishthatenter the lower end of the river.

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