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Parks & Recreation Areas

Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park


Travelers on Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park have certainly spoken these words many times; traveling past Sand Beach from the north, or past Otter Cliff from the South they are descending on one of Maine’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders: Thunder Hole.

Carved naturally out of the coastal rocks, waves have been battering this tiny inlet for centuries. Because there is a small cavern at the bottom of the inlet, the combination of the waves hitting the rocks and the release of air from the cavern cause a thunderous boom to happen. Travelers from all over the USA and parts of Canada flock to it – there are few things like it in the natural world. It is a natural manifestation of the ocean’s power.

No trip to Acadia National Park is complete without visiting it. Thunder Hole is a quintessentially Maine landmark that offers more than just the trademark thunder; there are stunning views in every direction from the high rocks surrounding this historical inlet.

Many say the best time to go to Thunder Hole is midway between low and high tide. But be warned – if a storm has just pushed out to sea brave visitors are treated to the trademark thunder, complete with crashing waves in the extreme. Do your due diligence and make sure you check weather reports before you go. The waves have been said to reach up to an immense 40 feet high (needless to say you will get wet, so make sure you’re prepared). But on most days it’s an amazing natural display and certainly a tremendous photo opportunity.

Thunder Hole is a very visitor-friendly area too. With a parking lot just above it and across the street, there is an easy walking path that takes you down to the water, railings leading you all the way down. While Thunder Hole itself is amazing, if you go you’ll also get tremendous views of Sand Beach and Otter Cliff from there as well.