Windjammer Dos and Don'ts

Marketing Director, Maine Windjammer Association Meg Maiden

After graduating from Amherst College, Meg Maiden moved to the Maine coast where she has been involved with boats ever since, first at WoodenBoat Magazine, followed by 25 years as the Marketing Director for the Maine Windjammer Association. She lives in Blue Hill and gets out on the water every chance she gets.

A windjammer cruise isn't just a quintessentially Maine experience; it's a quintessential life experience. The classic vessels, converted to passenger ships in the 1930s, provide a unique getaway that offers a real unplug from the hustle bustle of daily life. And whether you take a day cruise or go on a 5-day sail, the wind will set your direction toward endless stories, perspective and solace.

So – for those considering coming aboard, Meg Maiden, Marketing Director for the Maine Windjammer Association gave us her own list of do’s and don’ts for a windjammer cruise. She's definitely someone who knows.

1. Pack Soft and pack light – Cabins offer plenty of room for your gear, but big suitcases are a big hassle.

2. BYOB – And imbibe in moderation, of course.

3. Binoculars and/or a camera are a must.

4. Bring headphones – remember you’re sharing the boat with other passengers; be respectful of their enjoyment and experience.

5. Cell Phones – Service on windjammers is definitely spotty, the cruise really offers you an opportunity to unplug. I suggest the whole digital detox.

6. Bring Layers – the sun could be out one minute and the next there could be a little chill in the air. Come prepared and pack smart.

7. Sunscreen and hats – when you're on the water, the sun reflects and you don’t want to get burnt out there.

8. Bring a book, but try not to bring more than one – boats generally have a library, but passengers usually get distracted on the boat and their desire to read ten books during the cruise usually never happens.

9. Small-boat sailing, paddle boarding and swimming – ships offer many activities when you anchor, take advantage and get the whole experience.

10. If you play an instrument, bring it – small acoustic instruments are welcome and there is usually a jam session on board every night, depending on the musical makeup of the crew.

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